If you’re not for Zero Waste, just how much waste are you for?

Can you imagine a world of zero waste?
All around the world, Cities, towns and companies – have already adopted that target. The journey has begun and we’re all taking steps towards zero.

Who are ZWAI?
Zero Waste Alliance Ireland is a campaigning organization focused on changing consumer behavour – Affluenza,  Waste Management Policies and practice to achieve a Zero Waste society.Our activities span National and EU levels.
How can you help?
Adopt a 5 R approach to your consumption.  Refuse to buy what you do not need, Reduce what you do need, Reuse what you consume, Recycle/Remake what you cannot consume and what’s left, just let  it rot by Composting or Digestion.

Read our Zero Waste Manifesto . Do you agree with it? let us know.

What is a Zero Waste lifestyle?

Simply put, Zero Waste is the term we use to describe a way of living in which we attempt to reduce the amount of waste we produce as much as we possibly can. It’s all about our decision making, all along the consumption lifecycle, when we choose, purchase, consume and discard.

Why does a Zero Waste lifestyle matter?

Well, we share finite resources on our planet and we are aware of the increasingly thoughtless ways we use natural resources and materials.  Individuals , rather than corporations around the world are rejecting the commonly accepted model of consumption living.  We have not stopped to think and ask how products and food are designed and made. More importantly, we need to ask how the wasted resources (arising in the manufacture phase) and lifetime use will be dealt with. We realise now that we cannot rely on world leaders, national politicians or multinational corporations to reduce carbon emissions , cut pollution or protect natural carbon reserves such as forests.  The impacts of climate change are ever more apparent, so we must take it upon themselves to challenge and reverse the status quo of mindless consumption and wasteful living.

In a nutshell, this is what the Zero Waste movement is addressing. IT’S ABOUT LIFESTYLE CHANGE AND DEMANDING ACTION THROUGH OUR PURCHASING DECISIONS and its growing. Be part of it!

Visit our resources page and check out some of the links & books listed. Find a locally active group and become active within it.

How To become Zero Waster?

Hands up ! We admit it. We doubt that there is anyone who is truly Zero Waste (maybe Bea Johnson gets really close??).

It is an ideal, a goal,  a journey that we are on. Every step takes us closer to Zero.

 When starting out to reduce your waste and over consumption every step is important and we want to help you by providing all the suggestions and tips we can (here and our facebook pages). You can find lots of inspiration from other #Zerowasaters online and in your local community.

As well as changing your own habits, tell others what you’re doing and get active in lobbying companies, service providers and shops you use to. Make them aware of the waste problems they are creating and encourage them to find better solutions. Maybe suggest the solutions to them.

The Scandal of Food Waste and how to tackle it.

Learn about the Circular Economy and how it helps Small Business.

Learn about a world that is Thrashed and how you can help fix it.

Trashed is a documentary that follows Jeremy Irons through once beautiful destinations that are now converted to Landfills.

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Zero Waste Alliance Ireland is part of the Irish Environmental Network  (IEN) , receives financial support from the Irish Government  (DCCAE) and is a member of the Environmental Pillar.