If you’re not for Zero Waste, just how much waste are you for?

Can you imagine a world of zero waste?
All around the world, Cities, towns and companies – have already adopted that target. The journey has begun and we’re all taking steps towards zero.

Who are ZWAI?
Zero Waste Alliance Ireland is a campaigning organization focused on changing Waste Management Policies and practice to achieve a Zero Waste society.Our activities span National and EU levels.
How can you help?
Adopt a 5 R approach to your consumption.  Refuse to buy what you do not need, Reduce what you do need, Reuse what you consume, Recycle what you cannot  consume  and what’s left just let  it rot by Composting.

Read our Zero Waste Manifesto . Do you agree with it? let us know.

Learn about the Circular Economy and how it helps Small Business.

Learn about a world that is Thrashed and how you can help fix it.

Trashed is a documentary that follows Jeremy Irons through once beautiful destinations that are now converted to Landfills.

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Zero Waste Alliance Ireland is part of the Irish Environmental Network  (IEN) , receives financial support from the Irish Government  (DCCAE) and is a member of the Environmental Pillar.