Your new eCupán ends the disposable cup era.

Put an end to disposable beverage cups once and for all. Enjoy discounts on your coffee/tea/chocolate drinks when you present a non-disposable cup, just like the eCupán, at any participating café in Ireland.  The eCupán is lightweight, portable, flexible, foldable and fits in your pocket or bag easily. Made from recyclable food-grade silicone and with a PP recyclable plastic holding rim it is dishwasher friendly as well as rewarding for your pocket.  eCupáns are available at selected coffee shops and directly from Zero Waste Alliance Ireland.

How to get your eCupán.

COFFEE SHOPS  Contact us for bulk pricing.  Buy online through our retail partners here. 

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   buy your eCupán

Why not join the #ditchthedisposable  or #consciouscup campaigns?


This map identifies cafes who welcome your reusable cup and will offer you an incentive to bring your own. Support these enterprising coffee shops and make it a triple win for you, the shop and the environment.

Save on your coffee purchases at any of the cafés listed on the map below. The list will keep rising if you keep asking coffee shops to join the #consciouscup campaign. Pop in with your eCupán or other non-disposable cup and ask for your discount.